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I have been doing research on the branch histroy and approached UCARF on our history for the Jo Dearnley Memorial Award & Good Joint Award. I've attached a copy of the email I received from Ken Kennerson (UCARF Coordinator).

"Hi Judy,

 Bunbury Branch has a very impressive history of support for UCARF.

 Jo Dearnley Memorial Award

Bunbury Branch 2010

Bunbury Branch 2012

Bunbury Branch 2014


Good Joint Award.

Bunbury Branch 2011

Bunbury Branch 2015

As the UCARF Coordinator I wish to express my admiration and gratitude of the branch generosity and continuing branch support.

You are champions of the great cause we embrace as a club.


Thank you Judy,

Kim Kennerson,

UCARF Coordinator,

Ulysses Club Inc."

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