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The Quiet Achiever, although we have all heard the term  used before, it is befitting to use in regard to the achievements of the Bunbury Branch of the (National) Ulysses Club Inc, which is a social club for motorcycle riders over the age of 40, whose aims are to further the motorcycle & social pursuits of members whilst raising funding to benefit various research & charity groups.

The Bunbury branch (of the Ulysses Club Inc)  specifically donates to the Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund (UCARF),  whilst separate fundraising for various other charity causes is organised as special “one off”events. 

As a result of our efforts & achievements we received the 2010 UCARF award for being the highest donating branch in Australia for that year & in 2011 we were presented with the Good Joint Award for outstanding achievement by a Ulysses branch.

Perhaps the biggest single effort undertaken,  which was in 2005, was in aid of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and involved a 10 day ride in the South West of the state and included the band “Staye” who donated their time to the cause.  Staye performed at the various towns enroute whilst the “tin rattlers” obtained the donations which amounted to a staggering total of $21,000 !

Over the last 15 years approximately $100,000 has been raised and the funds in total donated to those less fortunate than ourselves. More specifically,  here is a list of activities over just the last 2 years : -



UCARF                                                 2011         $7,000 (Ironman events)

                                                              2012        $8,000 (Ironman events,  Rock ‘n Roll

Night & Carla’s Tribute wine)

CANCER RESEARCH                          2011         $2,500    Poker Run & Auction.

                                                              2012        $2,200    Carla’s Cruise Poker Run

COMPASSIONATE  FRIENDS        2012        $5,400    JehoshaphatHippie Night

(for Wendy Nani & Family)

RFDS                                                    2011         $4,000    JehoshaphatHippie Night

                                                              2012        $ 450     Burekup Dance & Rafflenight

FUNERAL COSTS                              2011         $6,000    Raised from Bike Ride & donations from Worsley workers.

SOLARIS CARE                                  2012        $1,180     Supply& installation of air conditioner for the benefit of cancer sufferers. (Brittain Rd, Bunbury.)

MARGARET RIVER (Bush Fire)        2011         $1,500     Raised from bike ride & donations collected in the South West.

Donations to the Black Dog Fund brings the total to $41,000over just 2 years.

Plans are already in the pipeline for 2013 projects which will see a specific effort directed to purchase special swags for Bunbury’s Homeless & ongoing support for the RFDS, Black Dog Rides & Carla’s Cruise with UCARF being the primary objective.

We thank all of our members & sponsors for their donations & efforts over the years. Many businesses add their weight to the cause & ask for nothing in return ...  Thank you all.

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